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Minecraft Java 1.18-1.19 | No Mods Required | Free To Play

How to Join:

  1. Copy the link above:
  2. In Minecraft, select "Multiplayer", then "Add Server".
  3. In Server Address, press "ctrl + v" to paste the copied "", then press "Done".
  4. You are ready to join!

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    About Magic Arrow PvP

    Defend your team's island, while destroying opponents' islands and defeat opponents using magic arrows : (explosive arrows, whirlwind arrows, vampiric arrows, poison trap, acid cloud arrows, and much more!). You can also unlock jobs, cool visual effects & skins.

    There are 4 game modes available
    - PvP 2v2 (2-4 Players)
    - PvP 5v5
    - Up Minigame (3-6 Players)
    - PvE Adventure (1-4 Players)

    Come and join the explosive gameplay now!

    Discord: (news, feedback and discussion)

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